Stop Stealing Our Generations

Stop Stealing Our Generations was born out of a need to address police accountability. Black lives are continually stolen at the hands of police and no responsibility is taken. Adding to pain & trauma, the media repeatedly shows us videos of the violent deaths of Black persons slain by police and vigilantes, and this further dehumanizes the Black community. I believe it’s important to remember the lives of those taken from us, but in a different way. So I paint their portraits with the vibrant colors their spirit reflects to me.

We are all equal. We Matter.

How can you help? Say her name. Say his name. Loudly.


Memorializing Sandra Bland

Sandy Bland was a kind, intelligent, passionate activist who promoted truth through her videos “Sandy Speaks.” She fought for unity, and she fought for the many Black lives of those who have been slain–the same cruelty which stole her life. She was murdered by officers while falsely imprisoned for a traffic stop that led to a false arrest. So many of us are Sandy. I AM Sandra Bland. 28 years old.


Memorializing Willie McCoy

Willie McCoy was a son, a brother, a cousin, a friend. He had a passion for rapping and was pursuing his dream. Six cops executed him–shooting him to death while he was asleep in his car. Honor Willie’s memory and join the fight against the continual slaying of Black persons. 20 years old.


Memorializing Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was a healer. She was full of life and found happiness in helping others. She was a sister, daughter, girlfriend, cousin and friend. She was a queen shot to death in her sleep by police. 26 years old.

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