Our Histories

Because African Americans are a marginalized group due to institutional racism, there is a lack of education and representation in schooling and the media.

In Our Histories  I will attempt to share the African American story from the first Africans to step in the unfamiliar soil of a strange and hostile land, to the millions currently enslaved through mass incarceration.

I believe it’s important to start from the beginning, and to learn about what life was like for the black community throughout every era in the U.S., and the many challenges each decade brought.

Through educational articles, interactive puzzles and poems, and a list of books that will get you woke, I will explore the stories of the activists, inventors, trendsetters, notorious faces within the African American community, and tales of unsung heroes; those brave souls who simply survived in a world that hates them because of their skin.

Under Lies & Truth , I dispel societal lies with truth, through articles, videos, and “miniviews.”

Check out What I’m Reading  & stay woke with me!

Gain a new perspective by exploring interactive audio & videos, puzzles, games, and poems under In Our Shoes!

“I don’t want to survive, I want to live.”

12 Years a Slave