What is the single greatest and strongest motivator that human beings behave accordingly as a result of? Death. The awareness of death, which has been perpetually minimized through exposure to distractions. If you don’t think about death, you will have a tendency to further disregard the inevitable, and as a result, you will become comfortable. What happens if you utilize the energy of fear and apply the concept of death and the awareness of death to inform your decisions? Would it be fair to say that you will become more motivated? Would it be fair to say that the fear in itself would manifest in ways that can be perceived as productive to other people?

I’d like to challenge this notion. The bitterness that we experience from acclimating, from adapting, from becoming “normal” is present within each of us, and for some, will be less prevalent or prominent as a result of years of burying and avoidance of the subject. Bitterness is comparable to cognitive dissonance as a result of wanting to be the same or alike even though we are innately different from one another in our interpretations, responses and reactions. What happens when we bring that bitterness to light and start conversations and dialogues revolving around being wholeheartedly you? Why is it that everyone preaches differentiation when they are the same as everyone else? Does this bitterness only go away at the recognition of death?

Why are we motivated by fear and the acknowledgement of death? Is it because by the end of our lives, we will look back and see that we have regrets? Is the greatest fear that we experience be that we did not live a life worth living? How do we even define that? Do we need to have the urgency or sense that when we wake up, we feel a miracle as if it were bestowed upon us? Are we not in control of our reality? Why use fear as the greatest motivator? In the same way that Christianity utilizes fear of going to Hell to influence our decisions of believing in God, why can’t we revolve our motivation around life in itself? Instead of as a response to death?

What is another driving force that defines human behavior and tendencies? An aggressive energy that is inherently within all of us, which can be transformed towards persistence. An enduring and relentless persistence that you have experienced at one point can still be manifested and utilized in a way that can challenge the productivity that fear of death or awareness of death can instill in us. When was the first time that we experienced this relentless persistence and aggressive nature? It was when we were much younger. When we were young, we explored the world with curiosity and without any hesitation in a manner that allowed us to live our lives to the fullest capacity and capability as a human being could at the time. However, over time, we grow doubtful and find ourselves holding back as a result of socialization and consideration for other people. So, how do we once again manifest this persistence that we once had to serve as motivation? 

I have a couple of hypotheses, but there are conditions that must be met prior to achieving this innate persistence and aggressive state of being. One of the conditions is that we must achieve or acquire a goal or objective that we can wholeheartedly pursue and commit to. Another theory that can help facilitate this achievement is through the belief of self-fulfilling prophecy and exposing your baseline at all levels of consciousness your intention and dedication towards obtaining your goals. I’m certain there are more ways to reconnect ourselves to our inherent aggressive energy, but as of right now, this is all I got. Peace out.

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