Man. First post. Where to begin…

What does it mean to be truly alone? I know I’m not alone. I have friends, family, colleagues, peers, etc. Yet, why do I feel like this concept is becoming more real to me? Yes, I’m currently experiencing a life transition of being a post-graduate, young professional. Yes, I deleted my social media accounts. But nonetheless, I’m not necessarily less connected to other people. Yet I feel this way. I will find myself compensating and creating emotional decisions when I feel alone and anxious.

An example that I’ve recently faced and experienced involves the recent removal of TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. I continually reached out to people following this decision, only to the realization that rarely is this action reciprocated unsolicited. Everyone is living their own lives, interacting with others in their own mannerisms involving nuances and past experiences to inform their current decisions. Of course they won’t think of me that often. Just in the same way that I didn’t. They all have their own shit to deal with. But it never occurred to me how impactful social media plays a role in our own attention and how we attach our self-worth with involvement with others, regardless of the platform that we use in both the physical world and online.

How do we create a sense of self-worth without having to feel connected? How do we learn this skill of creating conversations with ourselves about how we do deserve to live a life worth living? How do we do this alone? I can tell you for a damn fact that no one has ever taught me how to have this discourse with only myself. However, with intentional practice, I believe I can better understand this concept of self-worth and self-love through loneliness. With no external forces or pressures to influence my decisions. Autonomy. Independence with confidence. Yeah… That sounds pretty nice.

One response to “Loneliness”

  1. I liked that friend..As a teen girl..I too experience the same way as you mentioned and yes…by spending time with ourselves make us more organized than others and it’s a better way to know ourself…So do write your emotions here…You are not alone.. 🙂


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