K.J. Moody


What three words would close friends & family use to describe you?

Stubborn, determined and authentic.

What do you do to pay the bills and how long have you been in said occupation?

I am a Fashion Stylist and I’ve been one for 5 years.

What inspires you to get up each day?

Thinking of the positive legacy I could leave on this world inspires me every day.

What is your favorite quote?

“I’d like to thank the creator for giving me this gift..” -Erykah Badu

What is the hardest challenge of being you and do you believe race is a factor?

I don’t think race is a challenge for me. I think people understanding “ME” is my biggest challenge. I’m different, I live my life on fighting stereotypes, I speak differently, dress differently, look and think differently. My parents raised and taught me not to be the norm, to stand out, and I find it hard for others to understand that.

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